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RealRecruit is the country’s leading and most comprehensive culture and risk management platform. We enhance your student-athlete experience and decrease risk.

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Our Mission

Enhancing the student-athlete experience is not just a buzz phrase to us and our partners — it is what we are putting into action daily.

Our focus is to streamline the feedback process between your student-athletes and administrators in order to provide a complete and objective pulse on your program’s cultures, but in a manner that helps to mitigate risk and prevent future liability. Don’t make guesses within your Athletic Department; make informed decisions.

Why RealRecruit?

RealRecruit is empowering this generation’s student-athletes. We are the most effective and open way to give honest feedback on their personal experience. Likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, what is great, what could be better. You can share it all. We promise that your contribution is and always will be completely anonymous. Period.

RealRecruit is the proven platform trusted by today’s most innovative administrators


RealRecruit is building for this generation’s student-athlete. Quick, easy, interactive, and insightful. Our users love giving feedback and it shows in our high participation and engagement — saving you time to focus less on reminders and more on improvement.



Compare your metrics to peer and national averages to identify your areas of competitive advantage and vulnerability. RealRecruit contains the largest comparative data sets in the country on the student-athlete experience — how do you match up?


Detect & React

Get beyond exit interviews and end of season archaic surveys. RealRecruit enables administrators to detect potential issues in real-time versus reacting after the fold.



Anonymous feedback without necessary follow up is extremely risky. RealRecruit mitigates risk and protects your department from future liability by enabling you to establish timelines and document your response to potential issues.


Our Partners