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What is RealRecruit?

RealRecruit provides exclusive insight into what it's like to be a collegiate student-athlete, as told by real athletes who know it best.

Our Mission

Picking a college is a big deal. Recruits want to make sure that they are choosing a school that fits what they are looking for, and administrators want to make sure that they are delivering on what they are promising from the recruiting process!

That’s why we created RealRecruit — to give student-athletes a safe and effective way to openly share their experiences.


RealRecurit is the most effective and open way for collegiate student athletes to give honest feedback on your personal experiences.

Likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, what is great, what could be better. You can share it all.

We promise that your contribution is and always will be completely anonymous. Period.


Athletic Departments

Listen to what your student-athletes are saying like never before. RealRecruit offers comprehensive reporting tools and data analytics for you to better gauge, track, compare, and promote their student-athlete experience.



Get the real story, from real players, who know what it’s really like. All reviews on RealRecruit are guaranteed to come from actual student athletes from the school you are considering.

Use their exclusive insight to help you make the best possible decision.